Jeff Hyland

Jeff Hyland is a real estate expert, architectural historian, author, and the co-founder and President of Hilton & Hyland.

Growing up in Little Holmby, the iconic area between UCLA and Beverly Hills, California, Hyland discovered his passion for real estate and architectural design at an early age while admiring and studying the great estates of his neighborhood (indicative of California’s Golden era). As the son of a writer/literary agent father and artist mother, he also spent much of his youth in and around Beverly Hills, where he bore witness to the growth that defines the iconic city today.

As a young adult, Hyland was accepted into the prestigious hotel school at Cornell University to pursue a career in hospitality. Ultimately his love for California and its architecture would call him back home; where he enrolled in the United States International University in San Diego, splitting much of his time between studies, and surfing California’s great Southern Coast. Instead of heading directly into the work force after graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Hyland took a four-year sabbatical that allowed him to become motivated and energized; thereafter, becoming a licensed real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and Mike Silverman and Associates.

In 1975, Hyland became a licensed broker, and from 1980-1990, was a founding partner in the brokerage firm Alvarez, Hyland & Young. During this time, his intrigue for legendary estates throughout Southern California continued to grow. Focusing specifically on Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel-Air, Hyland delved deeper into the histories of what is commonly referred to as “The Platinum Triangle.” As his passion drove him to compile his own comprehensive collection of research, it was only a matter of time before he was recognized as an architectural historian; and would eventually be called upon to co-author The Estates of Beverly Hills (1984), and a re-publishing of The Estates of Beverly Hills in 1990.

In 1993, Jeffrey Hyland and Rick Hilton co-founded Hilton & Hyland. Hyland’s contribution as a veteran broker and architectural expert, and passion for estate genealogy proved to be the perfect match for Rick Hilton’s real estate development, residential sales, hotels and commercial financing experience.

In 2008, Hyland authored and published through Rizzoli International Publications The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills, the only book of its kind detailing accurate and in-depth historical and contemporary information related to 50 estate properties from the early 20th Century to the early 21st Century. Hyland is currently working on the sequel to The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills.

Over the past three decades, Hyland has personally handled more than three billion dollars in real estate transactions, some of which are recognized as the most expensive transactions in California; more notable of which, includes Hyland and Rick Hilton’s achievement of once facilitating the two most expensive transactions in Malibu as well as the sale of The Manor in Holmby Hills for $85,000,000 where the firm represented both the Buyer and the Seller.

Passionate about philanthropic endeavors, Hyland is highly respected within his community and supports several charitable foundations. In his free time Hyland enjoys reading, writing and sailing on his boat with artist wife Lori, whom he has been married to for 30 years. Although Hyland and his wife have no biological children together, his passion for real estate has provided him with more than 100 children who can be found each day at the offices of Hilton & Hyland.

Jeffrey Hyland is the Founding Member of Christie’s International Real Estate, Inc., and an Advisory Board member. He has previously served as President of the Beverly Hills Board of Realtors, President of the Los Angeles County Boards of Real Estate, and State Director for the California Association of Realtors. He is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, The New York Times andLos Angeles Times.